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Dorian Concept Announces New Album

"Joined Ends" to be relased October 20 on Ninja Tune

In October 2014, Austrian synthesizer wizard and producer Dorian Concept will present his second album Joined Ends. For the production of the new album, he dropped his trademark MicroKorg synthesizer and started working with new gear, building the album around a Wurlitzer electric piano and a handful of analogue synths.

"I've always been a fan of reduction, so working with analogue gear was a way for me to put my focus back on playing. It feels like my first musical cycle is closing and the start of a new one", Dorian Concept says. The Austrian musician known for his hypnotic hip hop beats and his surreal instrumental soundscapes, also used his own vocals on the new album.

Joined Ends will be released October 20 on Ninja Tune on LP, CD and for download. The single "Draft Culture" is already available on Vinyl and to download.

"Draft Culture" from Dorian Concept's new album Joined Ends

Photo: Ninja Tune/Dorian Concept