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Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner
Picture: Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner

Places in Vienna

Photo:Aromat // Credit:

The Aromat is the living room of the local hipster community. The place is tiny, the menu has a limited choice but is very good. All in all it feels more like eating with friends than in a restaurant. Many young musicians, arts students and media people from the hip neighborhood hang out and have food here in the evening.

Photo:Bitzinger Würstelstand // Credit: Michael Mikolasek

One of Viennas most important gastronomic instutions are its traditional "Wuerstelstands": Small kiosks that offer various kinds of hot saussages, beer and other drinks around the clock. One of the most famous Wuerstelstands is the "Bitzinger" between the State Opera and the Albertina museum.

Photo:Brut // Credit: Florian Rainer

The Brut is a well known venue for independent theatre productions. The Brut also hosts all sorts of modern art events from experimental and alternative music, indie pop concerts to contemporary dance performances and parties. Apart from its main location in the Küstlerhaus the Brut also has a smaller venue in the Konzerthaus.

Photo:Cafe Drechsler // Credit: Cafe Drechsler

The Cafe Drechsler is one of Vienna's most legendary Kaffeehaus-places. During daytime it is a relaxed place to hang out for the crowd of the trendy Naschmarkt neighbourhood. The Drechsler is almost open on a 24/7 basis and is also a very popular place to have breakfast after a party very late in the night or very early in the morning.

Photo:Cafe Prueckel // Credit: Cafe Prueckel

The Prueckel is one of the most famous of Viennas traditional Kaffehaus places. Like every real Viennese Kaffehaus it offers various kinds of coffee, basic food, a big variety of cakes and a good sortiment of international newspapers.

Photo:Filmcasino // Credit: Hjanko/Creative Commons/Attribute&Share Alike

The Filmcasino is one of Viennas most popular art house cinemas. It shows European films as well as independent movies from other continents. The Filmcasino also houses special movie festivals and events. This cinema is also famous for its retro-1950ies-like architecture and interior design.

Photo:Filmmuseum // Credit: Filmmuseum (c) Herta Hurnaus

The Filmmuseum collects and shows arthouse movies. Every night at least one movie is shown, every month there is a special focus on a particular director, genre or time period. The bar inside the Filmmuseum is a nice place to have a post-film-drink, somtimes there is even a DJ.

Photo:Gartenbaukino // Credit: Gartenbaukino

The Gartenbaukino is one of Viennas finest cinemas for art house movies and movies in original language. It is also Vienna's last big style premiere theater. It hosts many events like the Viennale film festival. Its authentic 1960ies interieur adds to the retro charme of this cinema and makes the Gartenbaukino a special place.

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