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Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner
Picture: Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner

Places in Vienna

Photo:Graefin vom Naschmarkt // Credit:

The "Graefin" is not famous for its good food, but it is one of the few places in Vienna which are open around the clock with a kitchen operating on a 24/7 basis. So this is a popular place to have solid food after partying late in the evening or early in the morning.

Photo:Konzerthaus // Credit: (c) Herbert Schwingenschl?gl

The Konzerthaus built in 1913 is one of Viennas oldest and most prominent concert venues. It is still used for many classical concerts but also hosts jazz, world music and pop concerts.

Photo:Morisson Club // Credit: Morrisson Club

The Morisson Club is one of Viennas most popular insider places. The Morisson is a very arty, bohemian and urban music club located in a former brothel in the trendy Naschmarkt neighborhood. During weekdays the bar is open until 2 am, on Fridays and Saturedays there is usually party till 6 am.

Photo:Museumsquartier // Credit: Hertha_Hurnaus

The Museumsquartier (MQ) is one of the hotspots of cultural life in Vienna. This complex of buildings hosts big museums, lots of other cultural institutions, vernues for live performances, shops and lots of trendy bars and restaurants like the "Cafe Leopold" and the "Halle". Especially during spring and summer many Viennese come here just to hang out and enjoy life.

Photo:Naschmarkt Deli // Credit:

The Naschmarkt Deli is one of the most popular places of the hip Naschmarkt area. Food is fine, music is frequently served by a DJ. During summer the place is crowded with hipsters of all ages and nationalities. The Deli is one of the original places that started the booming gastro scene on Naschmarkt.

Photo:Neni am Naschmarkt // Credit:

This restaurant set up and operated by Haya Molcho and her sons specialises in orientalic food and meals from Israel. The place has a perfect location on Naschmarkt, so on a sunny day it is great to sit outside, have orientalic food and watch the Naschmarkt crowd.

Photo:Ost  Klub // Credit: Ost Klub (?)

CLOSED! The Ost Klub was a highly popular place for daily live concerts and parties with a focus on music from the Balkans and Eastern Europe like Russian Ska and Gipsy Punk. Authentic drinks & interior decorations add to the eastern atmosphere. In 2014 the Ost Klub was closed due to problems with new neighbors.

Photo:Palmenhaus // Credit: Palmenhaus

This place was originally a greenhouse belonging to the court of Austria's emperor. Now it is the location of a very stylish bar/restaurant. Food is very good and the historic, imperial greenhouse location makes this is a very glamorous James-Bond-like place.

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