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Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner
Picture: Museumsquartier Wien. Photo: © Rupert Steiner

Places in Vienna

Photo:Porgy & Bess // Credit: theweatherreport

The Porgy & Bess is for sure one of the finest Jazz clubs in Europe and the headquarter and living room of Viennas Jazz scene. The Porgy specializes in contemporary Jazz and cool music from all genres.


The Rhiz is a music club and a known place for off mainstream music. Opening hours: Daily from 6 pm - DJs start at around. 9 pm.

Photo:Tanzcafe Jenseits // Credit: Website Jenseits

The Tanzcafe Jenseits has the very unique atmosphere of a glamorous red light district bar from the past. It actually sort of was. Now it is a very cool bar and frequently hosts parties. Later in the evening the small dancefloor and bar area can quite crowded, so its difficult to move without body conctact.

Photo:Theater an der Wien // Credit:

The Theater an der Wien is one of Austria's finest opera houses. While the Staatsoper shows the usual blockbuster operas, the Theater an der Wien specialises in either very old operas from the Baroque era or modern operas and attracts the "more advanced opera listeners".

Photo:Wiener Staatsoper // Credit: theweatherreport

The Staatsoper (State Opera) is the flagship of Viennas operas and one of the most reputated opera houses in Europa. Lots of resident opera lovers, but also posh tourists can be seen here. Last minute tickets or tickets for seats with restricted view are surprisingly cheap and even affordable for students. The Staatsoper occasionally also hosts rock- and Jazz concerts, like during the Vienna Jazzfestival. Once a year the famous opera ball takes place here.

Photo:Zweitbester // Credit:

This new and very stylish bar/restaurant offers excellent food and quickly became a hot spot for the in-crowd of the hip Freihausviertel neighborhood. In the evening the restaurant sometimes hosts DJs or art events and can get quite crowded. Only one mystery remains: Why is there a vintage combo-organ in the bathroom?

Photo Credits: theweatherreport (Porgy & Bess) // Website Jenseits (Tanzcafe Jenseits) // (Theater an der Wien) // theweatherreport (Wiener Staatsoper) // (Zweitbester) //