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Cafe Flamingo. Photo: © Michael Mikolasek
Picture: Cafe Flamingo. Photo: © Michael Mikolasek

Places in Brussels

Photo:Ancienne Belgique // Credit: David Edgar/Wikimedia Commons

The Ancienne Belgique is one of Brussels biggest concert venues. Many national and international acts play shows at this place. The venue located in the former house of merchants in the historic city centre comprises multiple concert halls.

Photo:Arcadi Café // Credit: theweatherreport/michael mikolasek

The Arcardi is a typical old school Belgium Cafe/Bistro in the center of the city. The Arcadi offers traditional Belgium dishes like quiches and tarts, and the usual palette of local beers. This place is usually crowded with locals, as well as tourists and expats working for the EU commission.

Photo:Archiduc // Credit: archiduc

L'Archiduc is one of Brussels finest bars. It is small and intimate and has a unique retro 1920ies atmosphere. Drinks and Music are usually good, there are also occasional live concerts in the Archiduc.

Photo:Botanique // Credit:

The Botanique in Brussels botanical garden is one of the hotspots of cultural live in the city. The beautiful building was originaly a place for science and botanical studies. Now it is a very fine bar and frequently hosts concerts, parties, exhibitions and other cultural events.

Photo:Bozar // Credit: Bozar

The Bozar Centre for Fine Arts is one of the headquarters of cultural live in Brussels. The beautiful palais hosts exhibitions, concerts and many other cultural events.

Photo:Cafe Belga // Credit:

During daytime Cafe Belga is a popular place for young people to hang out for breakfast or lunch, especially outside on the terasse. Food is affordable and self served like in a canteen. In the evening the Belga is one of the most popular places of Brussels nightlife and frequently hosts DJs and live music.

Photo:Cirque Royale // Credit: Cirque Royale

The Cirque Royale is a concert venue. Originally this place was the only permament Circus venue in Brussels.

Photo:Flagey // Credit: Flagey

The Flagey is a venue for jazz and classical concerts, movie festivals and all sorts of other cultural events. The building was originally the headquarter of the former National Institute for Radio Broadcasting. The space intended for cultural activities is located in the middle of the building and houses five studios that vary in size and function.

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