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Moscow. Photo: © Michael Mikolasek
Picture: Moscow. Photo: © Michael Mikolasek

Places in Moscow

Photo:DoDo // Credit: DoDo Project

The DoDo is a stylish and nice coffee house/bar/restaurant near Bolshoi theatre. The terrace surrounded by a beautiful garden is the perfect place to chill out with a drink. DoDo offers possibly the best Bloody Marys in town.

Photo:Krasny Oktyabr // Credit:

The Krasny Oktyabr chocolate factory was originally the place where Russias most famous chocolate bar was produced. After its closure the beautiful building with a fantastic location opposite Kremlin on the Moscow river was transformed into a cultural center. It now houses lots of exhibition spaces, gallerys, artists studios and bars.

Photo:Majak // Credit: Majak

The Majak bar located in the building of the Mayakovsky theater is one of the most popular places for Moscows artists and theater actors. The living room like bar is usually full of people drinking, discussing art topics and having a good time.

Photo:Mari Vanna // Credit: Screenshot:

The Mari Vanna is a tiny and very fine Russian restaurant, styled like a cosy living room from the year 1960 - actual living pets like cats and dogs included. This place is well hidden. Nobody would suspect a restaurant from outside. The fact that you have to ring the doorbell and wait to be walked in adds to the intimate charme of this place.

Photo:Masterskaya // Credit:

Masterskaya is a bar/restaurant and a popular venue for live concerts. The place looks very unique, like the living room of some very bohemian artists. Food is good compared to Russian standard. Almost every evening some indie rock/jazz band performs live here. After midnight DJs take over and the hip Masterskaya crowd usually dances till 6 am. Open 12 am to 6 am

Photo:Strelka Bar // Credit:

This Strelka bar offers excellent drinks and a fantastic view over the river. Especially during summer time this is a hot spot for the hip and posh Moscovites. This is also a popular place for all kind of parties.

Photo Credits: DoDo Project (DoDo) // (Krasny Oktyabr) // Majak (Majak) // Screenshot: (Mari Vanna) // (Masterskaya) // (Strelka Bar) //