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Photo:Bitzinger Würstelstand

Bitzinger Würstelstand

One of Viennas most important gastronomic institutions are it's traditional "Wuerstelstaend"s: Small kiosks that offer various kinds of hot sausages ("Wuerstel"), beer and other drinks around the clock. One of the most famous Wuerstelstands is the "Bitzinger" between the State Opera and the Albertina museum. After an Opera performance or the famous Opera Ball you sometimes even see singers or ball guests in their tuxedos having a final sausage and a beer here.

Wuerstelstands have a long tradition in Vienna. They usually offer a whole variety of different sausages, traditionally served with mustard and horseradish and good beer. Many Wuerstelstands operate on a 24 hours a day basis, so it is very popular to have a Wuerstel (saussage) and a beer there on the way home after a long night. Viennese Wuerstelstands are also very "democratic" places: You usually meet students in "after party mood" there as well as older and distinguished business people, poor people as well as the local "in crowd".

Augustinerstrasse 1 // 1010 Wien

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Bitzinger Würstelstand

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